We all know that kids these days are more indulged in mental exercises, because it is considered the best for a kid to be smart. The pressure of society puts a burden on the shoulders of young kids to keep doing more mentally exerting work in order to become smart and successful. From a very young age, a kid is made to believe that he has to be smart and superior only in the field of education, hence, all the extra-curricular and sports activities that actually help in the overall development of a child are kept aside by labelling them as a wastage of time.

It is high time for people to understand that extra-curricular and sports activities are as much important for the development of a kid as educational activities. The field of sports, to be precise, helps in many ways for the overall personality development of a child. The benefits of the same are listed below.

Physical growth: By regularly playing a sport, a child becomes physically fit, which protects him/her from many health related problems. Along with this, it also helps them in maintaining good body weight and posture. Other physical benefits include having a fast metabolism, growth of bones and limbs, stronger stamina and many more.

Mental and emotional benefits: A good amount of physical activity helps in the release of a hormone called endorphins. This hormone is known for making the body feel positive and happy, which means that it also helps a child to fight with stress and anxiety caused by the educational work load.

Team participation: By indulging in sports activities, the kids also learn team participation and team spirit which prepares him/her for future ventures.

Co-ordination: Co-ordination, empathy and patience are also some of the characteristics that develop overtime within kids who play sports.

Confidence: By participating in various competitions and meeting new people from various cultural backgrounds, kids become really confident within themselves which helps them throughout their lives.

Personality development: By inculcating all the above characteristics, sports help in the overall development of a child to make him/her a better person in life.

To conclude, it is safe to say that sports play a very important role in the overall personality shaping of a child.