Indoor Skates

  • Good for indoor skates sports and practising artistic routines.
  • Hard wheels do not wear out easily.
  • Narrow wheels and body make manoeuvring easy.
  • High boots for good control.


Outdoor Skates

  • Good for outdoor workout and races
  • Bounce and lateral movement minimized by special design
  • Can be used for indoor for rough or sticky surfaces

Inline Skates

  • Ideal for a range of skating sports and events
  • Wheels generally replaceable

    Derby Skates

  • Durable exterior capable of talking heave abuse
  • Designed to achieve fast speed quickly and maintain them
  • Quickly and rapid change of directions allowed

    Speed Skating

  • Can be used for recreational skating and skate dancing
  • Good speed for most purposes
  • Decent manoeuvrability at high speed