A new approach to School kids health and growth development.

Team Wind Chasers works on a professional framework and is committed to deliver excellence for its associated schools in all aspects. We are always committed to our professional practice and development by maintaining our education, training and supervision at the utmost level.


The program focusses on catering the needs of the School as desired and work on the requirements placed mutually. With the growing curiosity for sports in kids Schools are running separate batches for various sports and TWC Academy helps deliver the excellence and help the players showcase and utilize the potential.

School Advisory

Team wind chasers provides advisory services to the associated Schools. It is a year round program which involves regular interaction of TWC experts along with School authorities on sports and physical activities.

Very rightly said, when kids get the opportunities, sky is the limit for them to achieve.

In this program we provide specialised services as per the requirement and help working to get the policies into practice and better execution.

This program further leads to below advantages:

⦁ Increased student enthusiasm for the activity and sport programs,
⦁ Increase in student focus and activity engagement in free time,
⦁ Improved physical fitness and healthy habits,
⦁ Better leadership and improved mental capability of the kids,
⦁ Overall development of the kids,
⦁ Better representation of the School at various platforms as the kids are the real hero’s.

Sports Programs

Team Wind Chasers provides various sports program which can be worked upon as a full- fledged sports arena in school premises after the school hours.

Below are the benefits of the program:

⦁ Pro level sports exposure to students from school,
⦁ Recognition to school in terms of advanced sports arena,
⦁ Advisory in infrastructure development and its maintenance
⦁ Technique updation to associated schools,
⦁ Reputation as a Sports Provider.

Please visit our Sports Flagship Programs available in below link.
Gym and Arena
Competitive sports training

Sports Activity Classes

To ensure that the kids are indulged in sports activities which is currently the need of the hour the Schools are suggested to conduct Physical or Activity classes in its premises during school hours. It provides a platform to the kids to play and participate in sport of his or her choice and act like an interface to the sport.
As a part of this School Association program, TWC provides it’s trained and technically equipped coaches for the activity classes which are conducted in the School hours. All the programs are executed under the guidance and supervision of International players.