TWC works on latest techniques and methodology that guarantee skater success in developing stronger skills and developing them faster. Here the skater is trained with hard core sessions and undergo rigorous practice sessions. Now the champs are ready to rock at advanced championships and bring laurels.
Skaters at this level undergo rigorous and demanding sessions specially designed for Pro-level skaters. Champs interested to opt Roller speed as a professional sport are eligible for this program

Physical sessions

Physical sessions are essential part and plays significant role in all modules. It develops the athlete’s core strength and agility. Stretching exercises improved flexibility and help gain strength to the champ.
Proper set of physical exercises are included in the session depending on the requirement of the sport.

Other Important Information

Please note below are the general guidelines which are suggested and expected to be followed:

⦁ Helmets and safety guards are strongly recommended for the skaters,
⦁ Proper discipline to be followed in the classes and modules,
⦁ Regularity and punctuality are key traits that are focused at TWC and same is expected to be followed,
⦁ Parents can accompany the kid in this module and wait outside the rink,
⦁ While additional sessions are conducted the skaters would be informed prior and are expected to attend the classes.