Who we are?

Team Wind Chasers Academy is a speed skating academy established to widen the scope of skating and work on the upliftment of the sport. We strive to acquire and uplift talented children in this game. Our academy is a place alive with much energy, enthusiasm and high standards of excellence to create international level skaters.

Team Wind Chasers Academy is one of the leading skating academies which has bagged laurels at National (India), State and District Level Championships.

The academy not just focuses on making winners but also on teaching the players healthy competition and true sportsmanship. The USP of our academy is that it imparts training on internationally recognised formats along with safety, fun and team spirit. TWC is not just an academy, it’s a family with a goal of learning to jointly grow with our champs. TWC conducts regular skating classes at various locations. TWC provides basic, advanced and focussed training in various disciplines of skating and roller hockey. Coaches of the academy share the responsibility for children’s success and do their best to ensure that every skater achieves his/her highest potential.

Our team of coaches include trained, educated and disciplined former sports persons. They are young and vibrant players with international exposure. Their expertise along with the passion towards the game dwell trainees to get the best out of them. We have specialized coaches and certified professionals for physical training and dietary guidance as well. This helps in overall development of the fitness of young skaters

Message from Owner

“Be the best version of yourself”: Team Wind Chasers Academy provides world class training for young boys and girls.

We pride ourselves on our culture of high expectations for every skater and are committed to cultivate a happy, disciplined, caring and respectful environment. Skaters have access to adequate infrastructure, updated tools and equipments as well as a wide range of enrichment (extra-curricular) activities.

The Academy is committed to train and prepare national and international level players. We also work consistently to become a centre of excellence, specialising in Sports. We are creating a learning environment where hard work, motivation and determination help to prepare kids to become professional skaters. We provide a highly disciplined, vibrant and safe environment where every kid can flourish.

Come, be a part of TWC family and glorify your journey with us.


Message from Director

Sports is one of the mediums which makes people stand equal irrespective of the age, caste or religion. They also bring out the extraordinary and best of yourself to create history. 

India has seen a significant growth in sports achievers from the past few years and walking on the same path, TWC Academy continuously works hard and strives to deliver the best out of the athletes. As per research, there has been steep change in the sports industry, which has grown from $1.3 billion to $2.7 billion in just a matter of five years.

At TWC we deliver and train kids with a professional and very transparent approach.

I welcome you all to join TWC and be a part of our journey for a better future.

Director and Head Coach (Roller Skating)

Drishti Mahajan Sood

Drishti Mahajan Sood

Head-Digital Marketing

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Parent Child Coordinator



Diet Counsellor

Mission of TWC Academy

  • To provide high quality training with balanced nutrition intake and a welcoming environment that prepares our Skaters to identify their potential and prepare in alignment to set objectives and achieve the best results

  • To facilitate highly qualified coaches and trainers to deliver high quality players
  • To ensure overall development of our athletes with the infusion of passion for the game,

  • We also focus on teaching core values that impact the overall character of each individual player,,
  • To achieve excellence by investing in an advanced digital and high-performance training systems to improve performance tracking, planning and implementation.
  • To build trustworthy and enriching associations with all our stakeholders i.e. partners, associated schools,  players, coaches, as well as parents,
  • To extend our services and include new games in the curriculum, support upcoming trainers and contribute to the field of sports with our experience and best of

Vision of TWC Academy

We at Team Wind Chasers, work to become the  leading Skating Academy of the Northern Region of India and work for the upliftment of the sport with our internationally acclaimed coaches

Our goal is to provide a favourable environment for our champs to become leading achievers in fitness, health and wellness education.

Our Pillars

TWC Academy is focused and committed for the Sport and continuously strives to work and get the best out of our young skaters. TWC works on below pillars and tools:

Commitment for Sport

We are highly committed to the sport and stand accountable for the development of our trainees to achieve excellence.

Focused and Professional Training

We deliver our responsibilities in an ethical and fair way by facilitating our players with highly professional and healthy sessions in a competitive environment.

Skill Development and overall growth of the Child

We are committed to train and develop the player both on and off the rink. Our goal is to bestow the champ with the best of the infrastructure which would help in delivering excellence on the rink and make the child both mentally and physically strong for future endeavors of life.

Continuous Learning approach

We constantly work on the research and development of new solutions in the field of Roller Skating and stay updated with the latest techniques and work continuously on improvement of operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a broad concept and can be a self-regulating model for an organization by making us socially accountable to the organisation itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

By engaging in CSR activities, it means to operate in a socially acceptable manner and work for the advancement of the society and the environment. It is a continuous commitment by an entity to behave and work in alliance for elevation of society.

“We want a better World to Skate”

“Motivate and Inspire children for a better world”

“We are socially responsible”

The Core Issue

CSR in sports – Highlighting the issue for betterment of future generation

Coach Amol Sood, former Indian Roller Hockey Player, has been working hard and contributing for the promotion and awareness of the Sport in a significant  way and addresses the most significant need of the hour, the need of infrastructure to the authorities for even better results and to help future generation to achieve higher and higher. This would further help growth of the sport in India and contribute to growth of nation.

Team Wind Chasers CSR Implementation Areas

TWC Academy works in a systematic way and is socially responsible entity. CSR refers to self- imposed responsibility to the society and TWC understands the same and works consistently under various programs to pay back in any possible manner to the society. In this competitive environment
everyone is working to excel and achieve but at the same time we need to understand the urge and importance of being socially responsible.


TWC work for CSR both inside and outside the academy as we are responsible and accountable to the members of the academy as well, be it our coaches, trainees or skaters. Below are the program under which TWC performs CRS activities:

1) Contribution to Shakuntla Devi Foundation

Shakuntla Devi Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation working for the promotion of girl child by running various programs such as stitching, beautician etc. through its various centres and helps in making the girl child learn and work and attain financial freedom in life as they are well trained under the mission. Team Wind Chasers donates 1% of every fees collected at the academy to the foundation on regular basis as a contribution and also associates in various programs run by the  foundation
for the society.

2) Promote and Support the girl child

Looking to the factors such as safety, social stigma and lack of knowledge the girl child does not get the platform to perform. At Team Wind Chasers, we  acknowledge the need and choose the needy and deserving champ based on set parameters. The champ is further supported to best of the level by the Academy. Since it is significant concept and everyone wants to collaborate and contribute the Academy also proposes and allows the members to help any need champ acknowledged by Academy.

3) Continuous effort to uplift the sport

In effort to uplift the sport we are continuously involved in highlighting the need of infrastructure to the administration. In addition to above we work to uplift the sport through the Schools by making them recognize the Skating sport and understand the need to start the sport in the premises. Further Team wind chaser conducts yearly championship under name of Bal Vidya Skating Carnival to get the sport recognised and around 400-500 students participate from pan

4) Promoting women coaches

We have included women enthusiast as coaches in the sport and proudly give them equal opportunity and platform to showcase the talent. Would like to share that the coaches are performing brilliantly.

5) Scholarship Programs

Team Wind Chasers continuously boost the morale and performance of the champs by providing scholarship programs based on performance at Inter School, State and National Championships. Below are the programs:
Cash reward plans,
Fees waiver to the champ plan,
Honorary gifts